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ASTM Compliant Window Guards

The American Society for Testing and Standards (ASTM) has written a standard for window fall preventation devices.Only the John Sterling ASTM window guards series (shown below) are designed to conform to the the current standard F2090-01a. ASTM is one of the largest world's largest developer of standards for a wided range of materials, products, systems, and services. ASTM has set the bar high for window bars and window guards, and many manufacturers either donít meet those standards, or donít meet the state requirements by building code. Most notably, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania require very specific standards for their window guards / window bars. Many brands of Window Guards and bars simply donít meet the ASTM standards or building code requirements that New York, New Jersey and PA adhere to. Due to this, Window-Bars.Com offers you this special selection of compliant Window Guards for the Tri-State area.

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John Sterling Safety Guard - 1136
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John Sterling Safety Guard - 1136

Market price: $57.25
Our price: $52.85 ( save 8% )

6 bar swing open child safety guard for widths 24" to 42", max height 25".


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