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Welcome to Window Bars .Com

Window guards and bars for
child safety and security!

Whether you need windowguards, security bars, or child safety guards, Window Bars .com has the right product for your needs. Just click on our Windowguards Selector below and take all the guess work out of safe guarding your windows!

Use our SmartSelect™ tool to get the right window guard for your windows. Follow the prompts in the next pages and simply choose which answers best describes your use and requirements.

Type of Window:

We are dedicated to providing you the best selection of high quality window safety products to make your home as safe as possible!

We've taken a considerable amount of time to find the best product that is best suited for virtually every type of installation. Our technical staff strives to provide you unparalleled expertise to help you choose and install the right protection for your opening.

Remember, if you need help determining how to safeguard your home for either security or child safety, we're just a click away. Thank you for providing your family with the best window safety products anywhere.

Best Sellers!

Guardian Angel - 2335 Our most popular size - fits openings from 23"-35" wide. Made of strong tubular steel for ultimate safety. 4 button release for emergency removal. Perfect for all windows in your house. Only $49.95

Mr GoodBar - Series C One of the best security window bars on the market, the Mr. GoodBar C series features unique anti-saw roll bars inside their finished steel frame, making burglary a thing of the past. Perfect for security on all windows of your house. Fits windows from 21-54”! starting @ only $59.20

John Sterling's ASTM Compliant window guards are an economical solution, for our customers living in states requiring window bars that meet ASTM approval. These window bars fit windows from 24-42" wide.
Featured products
Can security bars be attractive? Absolutely, with the Mr. GoodBar B series window bars. These ornamental steel bars offer high security, quality construction and a decorative appearance at an affordable price. Fits windows from 21-54! Sale Price $41.90

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